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Cold Shipping at its Best

When it comes to keeping product cold and safe during shipping, there are no better boxes than Vetter Boxes. Our rugged boxes are engineered to keep product cold while withstanding rough-and-tumble handling during shipping.


While Vetter Boxes were created for Land Ice and Fish, Ltd., and Fresh Catch Direct to ship fresh fish to the Continental United States, they can be used for any high-value product that is flown to market.

Why Vetter is Better

When John Duberg of Land Ice and Fish, Ltd. was looking for a dependable, reliable box supplier to ship tuna to the Continental U.S., he turned to his good friend Gerry Vetter. Vetter went to work to design and build a box that could make the journey from Trinidad to the States without leaking or collapsing. After much trial and error, Vetter developed a mold process and engineered a super-strong box by sandwiching rigid, closed-cell polyurethane foam between two sheets of waterproof polyethylene-coated paper. The result: Vetter Boxes.


Buy from Vetter – or Make Your Own

Vetter Boxes is your go-to source for extremely strong, custom-made boxes of any size that can be used to airfreight fish or any other product that must remain cold. Buy your boxes directly from our plant in Chaguaramas, Trinidad—or let us help you set up your own box manufacturing facility so you can produce your own boxes onsite, right where you use them.

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